Save the Rivers Coalition

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Save the Rivers Coalition brings together organisations which protect Poland’s rivers, streams and wetlands, as well as scientists, individual persons, local authorities and institutions, for whom the fate of Polish rivers and ecosystems is important. Coalition works actively on international field according to "rivers have no boundaries" attitude.

The motive for its creation were the implemented and planned projects making Polish rivers and natural water resources – despite Poland’s membership in the EU, accepting the requirements of Water Framework Directive and further amendments of the Water Act – more and more intensively exploited, altered and transformed. The mechanism of degradation of Polish rivers mostly comprises of the strengthening investment pressure – plans of implementing several thousands river-transforming investments in Poland. Many of these investment plans are based on the anachronistic approach to regulating, shaping and maintaining waters and to protection against floods – whereas, in our opinion, it is in the best interests of the state and its citizens to leave the “space for rivers” and protect and recreate space for natural retention. Such, much more environment-oriented approach seems to be much better for mitigating the effects of floods and droughts, limiting the costs of constructing and maintaining hydrotechnical infrastructure, as well as for maintaining the natural heritage of Polish rivers and their valleys as a component of the natural heritage of Europe.

Declaration of Save The Rivers Coalition

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